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Media Training

Media communication workshops for client’s representatives

NEED4CONNEXIONS offers two standard forms of media communication trainings.

(1) Studio workshop

The preferred option is based on practicing realistic scenarios in fully equipped television studio.

The trainee will be provided with recording of his/her efforts. The training has three to four stages based on different media types – television, radio and print with emphasis on the art of interview in a hands-on manner. The fourth stage is optional and offers training of presentation skills.

(2) On-site workshop

This version of media training is available on virtually any location – at the client’s offices or at any other convenient venue. This training is offering three mandatory and one optional stage as well. In two hour lesson the trainees will be taught the possibilities and risks of television work. The next stage covers radio communication and the third part offers briefing on media in Czech Republic and its relevance to client’s business and overall guidance on being interviewed. As with the Studio workshop optional fourth stage offers guidance in presentation skills.

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